Belarus, Moldova discuss bison exchange program

Published: 10 February 2019   1880
Moldova is interested in increasing the bison population, Deputy Director of Modsilva Agency of the Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment of Moldova Nicolae Munteanu said as he met with representatives of the Belarusian Forestry Ministry, BelTA learned from the press service of the Forestry Ministry.

In 2006, bison were brought to Moldova from Poland. They have come through all the necessary acclimatization stages and are currently kept in the Padurea Domneasca natural reserve. An enclosure of 32 hectares was allocated in the reserve to breed bison. The bison maintenance program costs Moldova $25,000-30,000 annually. At present, there are only seven bison in Moldova and the country needs more females to increase the bison population. Moldova says the Belarusian bison can be most suitable for this. An agreement was reached to exchange two male bison from Padurea Domneasca for two female bison from Belarus' Naliboki reserve. The exchange can take place in late 2019 – early 2020.

About 1,800 bison roam free in Belarus today. The country has 11 small bison populations, including the one in Naliboki. Padurea Domneasca natural reserve was set up in Moldova to preserve the country's unique lowland forests, rare and endangered species of animals and plants. The reserve area is 6,032 hectares.

Today, Padurea Domneasca is home to 49 species of mammals, including bison, wild boar, European roedeer, and many others. The reserve fauna features 159 species of birds.