Over 52,000ha of new woodland in Belarus in 2019

Published: 14 February 2020   617

More than 52,000 hectares of forests were planted and replanted in Belarus in 2019, BelTA learned from the press service of the Forestry Ministry.

“Planting more than cutting – that was the principle observed by domestic forestry enterprises last year. Thus, in 2019 they planted about 52,000 hectares of forests, while the clear-cut area was 51,000 hectares. Taking into consideration natural regeneration, new forests emerged on the area of over 70,000 hectares,” the press service informed. Those were mostly coniferous and hardwood braod-leaved trees.

During the reforestation works, a special focus was made on the felled areas populated by conifers. Over 29,000 hectares of forests were planted here, up 8,000 hectares over 2018.

Another trend was an increased use of selective breeding technology to remedy deforested areas. In 2019 selectively bred seeds and seedlings were planted on the area of 25,500 hectares, up 6,700 hectares over 2018. That was 55% above the target.

Forestry enterprises also used more container seedings in their forest regeneration efforts. “The use of such seedings allowed extending the silvicultural season and considerably increasing the area under new trees,” the press service informed.

This year foresters are set to plant and replant trees on an area of at least 38,000 hectares.

IA "BelTA"