• Republic Association of forest Certification

Republic Association of forest Certification

The Republican Association of Forest Certification (RAFC) was created for formation and implementation of a uniform policy in the field of forest certification, raising the level of forest management, developing international cooperation in the framework of a pan-European process in July 2005 at the initiative of the Ministry of Forestry of the Republic of Belarus. The founders of the association were Minsk state production forestry associations and Public Association "Belarusian society of foresters".

In October 2005, the General Assembly of the PEFC Council adopted a positive decision on membership of the Republican Forest Certification Association in the PEFC Council. More than 110 institutions and organizations are members of the RAFC .

RAFC represents the National System of Forest Certification of the Republic of Belarus in the "Council of PEFC ".

"The Republican Association of Forest Certification" is a non-profit organization uniting stakeholders interested in improvement of quality of management of the woods, forest exploitation and using forest resources, in expansion of export opportunities and increase in competitiveness of the forest production made by the domestic enterprises, as well as the organizations authorized by the state to conduct forestry, timber industry complex, research organizations, educational institutions and non-governmental public organizations.

The Association supports the goals and principles set forth in the charter of the International Association "Forest Certification Scheme Approval Program" (PEFC Council).

The objectives of the Association are:

  • coordination, development and further implementation of forest certification;

  • assistance to achievement of the goals and performance of the main objectives of forest certification in Republic of Belarus;

  • integration of the Republic of Belarus into the Pan-European Forest Certification System by joining the PEFC Council;

  • Presentation of the National Forest Certification System to the PEFC Council.

The governing bodies of the Association are: Meeting of Association Members, Supervisory Board and Executive Director.

The supreme body of the Association is the Association of Members of the Association.

The current members of the association are:

  • The Republican Committee of the Belarusian Trade Union of Forest Workers;

  • Public organization "Belarusian Society of Foresters";

  • Institute of Experimental Botany of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus;

  • Republican forest management Unitary Enterprise "Belgosles";

  • Design and survey republican unitary enterprise "Belgiproles";

  • The unitary enterprise editorial board «Belarusian Forest Newspaper»;

  • Public organization "Belarusian Botanical Society";

  • State educational institution "Republican educational center for training, retraining and advanced training of forestry personnel";

  • Export-production republican unitary enterprise "Bellesexport";

  • Brest Production Forestry Association;

  • Vitebsk Forestry Production Association;

  • Gomel Forestry Production Association;

  • Grodno industrial forestry association;

  • Minsk Production Forestry Association;

  • Mogilev industrial forestry association;

  • 95 state forestry enterprises (leskhozes).

The Chairman of the RAFC is Honored Forestry Officer of the Republic of Belarus, Professor of BSTU, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences Zorin Valentin Pavlovich; tel .: +375 (17) 317 60 37, e-mail: forest-inventory@bstu.unibel.by.

The legal address of the RAFC: 220089, Minsk, Zheleznodorozhnayastr., 27, Republic of Belarus.