Sport club


In accordance with the Protocol of Commissions of the President of the Republic of Belarus, A.G. Lukashenka dated October 6, 2005 №30 and the decision of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus "On measures to further improve the mass physical culture and health and sports work of July 21, 2006, No. 916 in order to improve the management of physical fitness and sports work in the industry, further development of mass sports in the collectives of subordinate organizations, the wider use of physical culture in the prevention of diseases, the strengthening of the health of workers and their families, a joint decision Ministry of Forestry and the National Committee of Trade Union of workers of the forest from 23.11.2006 years №11.5 / 10 established the republican branch physical culture and sports club «BETULA». The Regulations on the branch sports club, the Regulations on the sports clubs of the organizations of the Ministry of Forestry, the membership of the Council of the Physical Culture and Sports Club in the number of 18 people have been developed and approved.

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The Council of the club includes specialists from the Ministry of Forestry, deputy directors of all state production forestry associations and organizations subordinate to Ministry of Forestry .

The structure of the physical culrure and sports club "BETULA" includes sports clubs of all subordinate organizations (SPFA, RUE "Belgosles", UE "Bellesexport", UE "Belgiproles", etc.)


Physical culture and sports club «BETULA» is a voluntary   self-governing organization, whose activities are aimed at improving physical culture, sports and mass work in the industry's teams. Registered in the Department of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism of the Oktyabrsky District Administration, Minsk on 01.12.2006 (Order No. 131).

Photos of   branch sports meets can be found in the "Photos" section.