Forest fund

In the Republic of Belarus forests are one of the main renewable natural resources and the major national wealth. The woods and forest resources are of great importance for sustainable social and economic development of the country, ensuring its economic, energy, ecological and food security. For a number of the key indicators characterizing forest fund (woodiness of the territory, the area of the woods and stock of growing wood in terms of per capita), Belarus is among the top ten forest states of Europe.

Forestry of Belarus. successfully implementing the principles of sustainable multipurpose forest management, is important for stable functioning of the forest sector of the country and contributes to the development of allied industries of economy, making a significant contribution to the implementation of the signed international treaties at the global level in the field of environmental protection. Its economic, environmental and social role has been steadily increasing. All this gives grounds to say that in modern conditions the forestry sector from traditional commodity industry turns into infrastructural and one of the key sectors of the national economic complex, especially in the rural areas of the country.

As a result of purposeful work on reproduction of the woods and forest growing, positive dynamics of forest fund is reached.

So from 1994 the key quantitative and qualitative indexes of the forests improved:

  • forest area increased by 908,6 thousand hectares from 7371,7 to 8280,3 thousand hectares;

  • the area under forest of the Republic reached 39.9 per cent (increased by 4.4%);

  • the total stock of standing timber increased by 738,6 million cubic meters and amounted to 1831,8 million cubic meters (including in Mature and overmature stands - 300,9 million cubic meters and constituted – 375,4 million cubic meters);

  • the stock per 1 ha. of forested land increased by 73 cubic meters and amounted to 221 cubic meters per 1 ha.; the stock of mature and overmature plantings increased by 59 cubic meters and reached 272 cubic meters per 1 ha.;

  • average age of plantings increased from 44 to 56 years

Dynamics of indices of forest Fund of the Republic of Belarus:

Name of indocator unit of measure Index as at
1994 2001 2010 2020
1. The total area of forest fund lands thousand hectares 8676,1 9247,5 9416,6  9620,9
1.1 Forest lands thousand hectares 7775,9 8275,7 8598,2  8799,1
  % 89,6 89,4 91,3  91,5
1.2 Forested land – in all thousand hectares 7371,7 7850,6 8002,4  8280,3
  % 85 85,0 85,0  86,1
mature and overmature thousand hectares 350,1 623 804,4  1379,1
  % 4,7 7,9 10,1  16,7
2. Area under forest % 35,5 37,8 38,5  39,9
3. The General stock of stands – in all million m3 1093,2 1339,9 1566,1  1831,8
4. The total average inventory change million m3 24,9 28,2 30,2  33,4
5. The average stock of plantations м3/hectar 148 171 196 221
5.1. Mature and overmature м3/hectar 213 220 244 283
6. The average age years 44 48 52 56

In Belarus along with increase in total area of forest fund also the sustainable growth of the areas of ripening as well as mature and overmature plantings is observed

All forests in Belarus are the exclusive property of the state.

Name of the ministries, organizations Area, thousand ha. The percent of  total area The number of the legal entities conducting forestry
The Ministry of Forestry 8461,3 87,9 98
The Ministry of defence 90,1 0,9 2
Ministry of Emergency Situations 216,9 2,3 1
Ministry of education 27,8 0,3 2
Administrative Department of the President of the Republic of Belarus 767,8 8,0 7
The national Academy of Sciences of Belarus 41,6 0,4 3
Local executive and administrative bodies 15,4 0,2 6
In all 9620,9 100,0 119