Belarusian-Armenian friendship forest planted on Lake Sevan shore

A Belarusian-Armenian friendship forest has been planted on the shore of Lake Sevan in Armenia, the press service of the Belarusian Forestry Ministry told BelTA.

Belarusian and Armenian wood growers have planted nearly 10ha of Belarusian pine trees in the Akhtamar forest district in the Sevan section of the national park Sevan.

The agreement to plant the forest to celebrate Belarusian-Armenian friendship was reached during the 13th session of the Belarusian-Armenian intergovernmental commission on trade and economic cooperation in October 2017. A total of 49,180 pine tree saplings were delivered to Armenia. The saplings were donated by Belarusian forestry enterprises. The Belarusian saplings had to travel for nearly 3,000km in order to embellish the shore of Lake Sevan. They were transported in special low-temperature conditions and kept their quality nicely. The Belarusian enterprise BellesExport provided the Armenian side with the necessary tools such as baskets for transporting saplings with covered roots, planting tubes, and Kolesov's swords (a special narrow spade for planting saplings).

The Belarusian Forestry Ministry has advanced cooperation with Armenia for a long time. Belarusian and Armenian wood growers are interested in sharing their best practices and technologies. During his visit to Minsk in October 2017 Armenian Agriculture Minister Ignaty Arakelyan stressed that the Armenian side placed a strong emphasis on forest preservation, yet it was interested in other projects, too, for instance, wood pellet production.


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