China's timber importer to invest in Belarusian woodworking sector

Kangkai Zhiguan (Heze) Industrial Development, a large Chinese importer of timber, accredited at the Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange (BUCE), plans to implement an investment project in the wood processing industry, BelTA learned from the BUCE press service.

Director General of the Chinese company, Zhan Yanjun, stated his intention to invest in the Belarusian timber processing industry and develop his business in Belarus during his visit to the BUCE head office. “Our company is engaged in supplying timber products to the Chinese market, and in quite large volumes. For example, last year we imported more than a million cubic meters of timber from Europe, New Zealand, North and South America. At the moment deliveries from Belarus are not very big, about 15,000 cubic meters but we are interested in your market. That is why our company is planning not only to increase the volume of wood products procurement, but also to set up our own facility in Belarus. At the moment I am not ready to say what it will be: whether a greenfield project or production on the basis of the existing timber processing plant. The main thing for us is to make our products meet international quality standards and to be competitive in price. We intend to buy raw materials and sell the finished product exclusively through the stock exchange,” he stressed.

According to the director general, Belarusian exporters that use the BUCE have everything they need to gain a foothold in the Chinese market and gradually expand their presence there. “The potential of the exchange as a trading tool is undoubtedly high, and the results of export trading testify to the fact. Companies from many countries are working on your platform, and even during the pandemic the volume of exchange trade has been growing and the geography has been constantly expanding. Speaking specifically about the Chinese market, I believe that Belarusian timber and agricultural products are highly competitive. Thanks to good quality and reasonable price they can easily compete with similar products from other countries. Therefore, when developing a strategy for entering the Chinese market, I would focus on these two areas,” the Chinese businesman believes.

Kangkai Zhiguan (Heze) Industrial Development has been operating in the BUCE since 9 May 2020, and was granted non-resident stockbroker status on 13 April 2021.

Founded in 2004, the Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange conducted its first trading session in June 2005. BUCE is one of the largest commodity exchanges in Eastern Europe. Its main function is to assist Belarusian enterprises with export and foreign companies with entering the Belarusian market. BUCE sells a wide range of metal, forestry, and agricultural products, industrial and consumer goods.

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